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“To accept duality is to earn identity”

~ Joss Whedon


about yaz

Oh hello!

My name is Yasmine Nur, also known as Yaz.

I'm an alumna of the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management with a B.S. in Marketing, and minors in Design and Spanish. I currently reside in Florida as an Art Direction student at Miami Ad School.

My mission is to ideate, create, inspire, build bridges, bend culture, and unify the vision in order to build brands through print, digital, experiential and social platforms.

I am a product of duality and polar opposites; Eastern and western cultures. Left and right brain thinking. Introversion and extroversion. Body and spirit. Strength and sensitivity. Confidence and humility. Strategy and spontaneity. Maturity and humor. Sophistication and playfulness.

Oh, I'm also a down-to-earth, quirky, and corny nerd who's equally as much of a cool, confident, stylish and sassy diva.

I fully embrace my various forms of coexisting duality, and my ever-evolving nature. It defies any single way of thinking, doing, existing and creating. The possibilities are infinite. I feel that the best label to describe a portion of who I am is a "creative" who creates. I am a thinker, a learner, a maker, a doer and a problem-solver. Thus, my work reflects my duality in thought, mixed cultural identity, talent and personality.

Aside from the world of creativity, branding and advertising, I'm passionate about personal, spiritual and professional development. I read a lot of self-help books and poetry. I journal every day. I doodle. I'm obsessed with homemade face masks, good hygiene, scented candles and coffee. I also love to laugh... so if you can make me laugh too, I'm sure we'll be great friends!

If you're interested in working with me, please contact me above, or connect below!